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Dog field fencing in Essex - Tips for creating a secure dog area

dog field fencing in Essex

With more and more dog owners becoming worried about having their dogs off lead in public parks there has been a big increase in enquiries from people looking to create their own secure public or commercial dog field. As well as being experts in all kinds of agricultural, equine, domestic and deer fencing, Hopefield Fencing Services Ltd are also a dog park contractor who you can trust to create dog field fencing in Essex to your exact specifications.

How high should the fencing be for a secure dog park?

dog field fencing in Essex

Never under estimate just how high a dog can jump in pursuit of a squirrel or the likes, so the minimum height should be 6ft (1.8m) around the entire perimeter. Secure gating should also be 6ft and of a nature that a smart dog can't figure out how it operates!

What kind of fencing should I use for my dog field?

Weld / V Mesh Security Fencing - Weld / v mesh fencing is a great choice for dog park fencing in Essex and beyond that provides excellent security and durability. The mesh panels are rigid and if installed by a professional fencing contractor will stand the test of time and will be well worth the investment. This kind of fencing for a dog field is also a good pick in that it is hard to climb, but still has an open mesh design which allows for hedging and plants to grow through to make it look better from an aesthetic and environmental viewpoint.

How high should my dog field fencing be?

Mesh fence panels come in a wide range of heights from 1.2 m to 3 m. When building your secure dog field the absolute minimum fence height you should consider is 1.8 m (6 ft) particularly if it's to be used by large protection dogs, agility-trained dogs or expert escape artists!

Should the fencing for my dog field also be dug in?

dog field fencing in Essex

Digging the fence in by 300 mm (1 ft) will provide extra security against diggers! This is also a good option if your land is near busy roads or train lines as it offers an extra level of safety for your dogs - especially if they are left unattended for any periods of time.

Get in touch today with Hopefield Fencing Services Ltd for all enquiries about dog field fencing in Essex, or for any other kind of fencing requirements you have.

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