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Deer fencing in Essex : Best choices for keeping deer off your land

deer fencing in Essex

While deer are lovely to see in the wild, it’s not quite so ideal when they’re breaking into your gardens and eating your prized tomatoes, so if you’re looking for an effective way to keep the wildlife on the other side of the fence, then you’re in the right place. We’re quite the experts in all kinds of fencing, including deer fencing, so here’s what you need to know if this is something you’re thinking of installing on your property…

Things to consider for deer fencing:

deer fencing in Essex

Fence Height: Deer are pretty springy animals and can quite easily leap 8 feet into the air (and clean over your lesser fences!). Barrier type fencing needs to be installed by fencing experts to ensure it’s put in at the right height, safely and securely.

Fence Slack: As well as being prolific jumpers, deer are also quite the ‘if I can’t go over, I’ll go under; experts too so, yes, they will try and push under your fencing to gain access to those lovely veggies. For this reason, if you decide to use loose fencing then we will leave enough slack so that it can be expertly pinned and staked into the ground to prevent any pushing wins by the deer.

Repairs: If you’re looking to get existing deer fencing repaired then please do get it done sooner rather than later. A compromised barrier is a magnet to sneaky, smart deer and they will soon be back in your garden!

Gates: As well as the deer fencing, it’s always useful to also include a gate, but again these will need deer-proofing. 

Types of deer fencing:

deer fencing

Solid wood privacy fence: This is your most effective deterrent from the fencing choices when it comes to keeping deer out. Typically built comprising wooden boards and at least 6 feet tall, not only is this the deer fencing type that they are least likely to jump, but because they can’t see through it they won’t be naturally tempted to come in just for a nose on the off chance you have something they want.

Electric fencing: Electric fencing is another wallet-friendly option and a good choice if you have just a few deer hanging around. This is another area of expertise of ours so do get in touch for a free quote.

Metal wire: This is one of the best options as it's generally more budget friendly. If you do have the extra budget tough then do consider plumping for metal wire deer fencing coated in black polyethylene as it’s more weather-resistant than standard silver wire options. Either way, please make sure you use a proper fencing company like Hopefield, and not a fencing cowboy!

Polypropylene mesh: This is a type of plastic fencing that's attached to vertical posts to form a barrier, similar to metal wire, and is the most budget-friendly option, but not always the most fool-proof. If you do choose polypropylene mesh, select a grade that has a breaking load of at least 800 pounds so that the deer can’t just push it over.

Chain-link fences: Consisting of interlinking metal wires that form a zig zag pattern attached to metal posts, this type of fence needs to be set into concrete by someone who knows what they are doing. The chain-link fencing will serve as a barrier to deer, but is more effective for areas that don’t contain plants that are particularly attractive to deer. If they really want what is in your garden, they will just jump over!

Do get in touch if you want to discuss these or other options for your best deer fencing options in Essex. We provide competitive, free quotes and our fences are not just durable and aesthetically sound, but will be constructed professionally by our expert team with all profits going back to Hopefield Animal Sanctuary to help care for its 600+ rescued residents. 

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