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Get ready for Winter

Winter is approaching and ensuring your property is secure is very important as weather changes can damage what you currently have in place.

You would think that coming into the winter months that it’s not the best time to think about your new fencing solution… but due to the generally wetter weather it helps the ground soften up, making it easier for our machinery to dig into the ground! This also will affect time, and jobs will be able to be done at a quicker rate (bonus for you!)

Hopefield Fencing Services

Hopefield Fencing Services

So if you have a broken fence or loose panel do not hesitate to get in touch with us today for a FREE no-obligation quote with us. We offer a range of different types of Garden Fencing solutions and Gates.

We are proud to be a highly reliable company in Essex and have over 20+ years experience in Installing and Supplying in a 25 mile radius.

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