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Best fencing in Brentwood: Why choose Hopefield Fencing?

best fencing in Brentwood agricultural fencing in Essex

Getting your fencing fixed, your boundaries brushed up and your land secured is one of those jobs that many of us put off for too long, but with Hopefield Fencing, one of the best fencing outfits in Brentwood, we've got some good reasons why you should choose us for the job...

We're experts at what we do

best fencing in Essex agricultural fencing Essex

We specialise in agricultural fencing, equine fencing and domestic fencing in Essex and beyond, and with over 20 years of expertise in the fencing field, we know our stuff. We also happen to be part of Hopefield Animal Sanctuary, and with over 600 animals and 53 acres of land to keep secured, we definitely know what we're doing! From alpacas to horses, cows to sheep, we keep them all safe and contained thanks to Hopefield Fencing.

We're time efficient

No matter the weather, we're a rain or shine kind of team and we get the job done in minimum time but with maximum effort. Our team know exactly what they're doing so will turn up for any job promptly and finish in a time efficient manner.

We tackle all kinds of jobs

best fencing in Brentwood farm fencing Essex

Whether you have wonky borders or bumpy terrain, we'll find a way to work with it to ensure you get what you need.

We take away all the stress - and mess!

Lots of people think they can tackle their own fencing issues, but it really is better left to the experts who will weather proof and secure your fencing professionally. We're also a very tidy fencing company who will take away the mess with us when we're done.

We've got ALL the tools

best fencing in Brentwood farm fencing Essex

Tractors, diggers, post hammers and more tools than you can shake a stick at, we've got all the machinery and tools needed for any kind of fencing job in Essex and beyond.

We're competitively priced

We have gating and fencing packages for all kinds of land and all kinds of budgets. We provide FREE quotes and we're always, always competitively and fairly priced.

Our profits go to charity

best fencing in Brenwood equine fencing in Essex

We're the only not-for-profit fencing company in Essex. As part of Hopefield Animal Sanctuary all proceeds go back to the sanctuary to help care for our previously unwanted feathered, furry and scaly friends.

Whether you want electrical fencing, security gating, domestic fencing, agricultural fencing, equine fencing or any other kind of fencing, get in touch today to see how we can help.

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