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Professional fencing in Essex: Why you need to steer clear of the fencing cowboys

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We get it: we all need to save the pennies where we can, but if you need professional fencing in Essex then that is not an area you should be cutting corners in. Here at Hopefield Fencing Services Ltd we have over 20 years of fencing expertise from agricultural fencing to electric fencing, estate fencing to garden fencing, and one of the things we’re called out the most to fix is fencing that has been done by what we like to call the fencing cowboys. 

What are fencing cowboys?

What we do doesn’t just require skill and expertise, it also requires the right supplies and tools. What may seem to you like a case of just hammering a few posts in the ground is actually so much more than that, and if you don’t get someone who absolutely knows what they’re doing, then the chances are the next puff of wind that comes along, that cheap fence you had put up is coming straight back down. To put it into perspective, we have over £40,000-worth of equipment designed to create the best fencing in Essex possible - we are not Joe Bloggs with a sledgehammer.

The fencing cowboys are the people who don’t specialise in fencing at all - they turn their hands to many different kinds of ‘DIY jobs’ and while they serve a purpose if you want one fence panel put back, they’ll cost you much more in the long run than had you gone to a fencing specialist in the first place for larger scale jobs. If you are in the market for a new fence you’ve probably had some quotes that are too good to be true. That’s because they are. 

It is also these fencing cowboys that are putting the professional fencers out of business. They undercut fair, cost-effective quotes for durable, solid fencing and while you might save a few quid in the short term, there is no way these outfitters have the proper power tools, diggers, and heavy duty equipment that are an essential part of creating your new fence. It can also be dangerous to use someone with limited knowledge if you are relying on your new fence to keep in livestock or domestic pets - we’ve seen dog runs put up by the fencing cowboys that have barely stood the test of a breeze, let alone a determined dog running at it! 

So who should I get to create my fencing in Essex?

There are many amazing fencing companies in Essex so do your homework and get a few quotes, but make sure that you are using a reputable team who have a fantastic track record and can show you previous work. Do not use a Jack of All Trades for this kind of job. 

Here at Hopefield Fencing Services Ltd we provide FREE, no obligation quotes and all of our profits come back to Hopefield Animal Sanctuary to care for the rescued animals. We are competitive, we are professional, we are tidy and we can turn our hand to any kind of fencing project you have in mind. Give us a call today on 07507 608057 or pop us an email on to get the ball rolling and to guarantee your borders and land are secured for years to come. 

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