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Your Guide to Equine Fencing in Essex

equine fencing in Essex

When it comes to equine fencing in Essex, we are quite the experts given that we keep over 60 equines safe and secure at Hopefield Animal Sanctuary (which is also where all our profits go!) Hopefield Fencing Services Ltd has you totally covered for safe, affordable choices, but if you're not sure what kind of equestrian fencing is best for you, then this guide is for you...

What is equine fencing?

Basically what it says on the tin: equestrian or equine fencing is a kind of agricultural fencing used to contain, well, equines! It's used to keep your horses and ponies contained and safeguards against them trying to escape.

What is the best height for my equine fencing in Essex?

equine fencing in Essex best fencing company in Brentwood

The British Horse Society has specific recommendations when it comes to how high you should erect your equine fencing:

Variety of animal

Metric height of fence

Imperial height of fence


1.08m - 1.38m

3’6” - 4’6”


1.0m - 1.3m

3’3” – 4’3”


1.25m – 2.0m

4’1” – 6’5”

Are there different types of equine fencing?

Depending on your land, budget and requirements, as one of the best fencing companies in Essex, Hopefield Fencing Services Ltd has a number of different options available for your equine fencing needs:

Electric fencing – Not suitable for roadside boundaries, this is a cost effective choice that is durable and efficient for dividing areas and keeping paddocks secure.

Post and rail fencing - Constructed with top quality timber, post and rail fencing is the traditional pick for equine fencing. Simple but strong, this kind of fencing is made using horizontal rails attached to vertical posts, with the height entirely dependant on your personal preferences and requirements.

Post and wire fencing – Similar to the post and rail fencing but using high-tensile wire rather than wooden rails, this is an easy to maintain option that's cost effective and durable.

As well as your equine fencing requirements, we can also install high quality gates like the one Hopefield Horse, Lolly, is modelling at the top of this guide. We provide FREE quotes and we pride ourselves on being efficient, professional and tidy on all of our jobs. Give us a call today or submit an enquiry via the website or our social media platforms. We look forward to hearing from you!

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